The Young Gardener Awards, supported by T&G and Garden to Table, aim to recognise the passion, talent and achievements of pupils and schools’ gardening, growing and harvesting nutritious food.

All schools participating in the Garden to Table programme, where children are involved in all aspects of gardening in an environmentally sustainable garden, are eligible to enter:

1. The T&G Garden to Table Established School of the Year Award for schools and students that have been gardening for more than two years through the Garden to Table programme.

2. The T&G Garden to Table Emerging School of the Year Award for primary schools who have been gardening through the Garden to Table programme for two years or less.

3. The T&G Garden to Table Young Gardener of the Year Awards which recognise the efforts of five passionate young gardeners who have planted a seed, watered it, made sure it’s getting the right amount of sunlight; even jumped up and down when the first leaves sprouted. Five very special young gardeners will walk away with the coveted title of 2018 Young Gardener of the Year.

Schools not participating in the Garden to Table programme are eligible to enter:

The T&G Passion for Growing Award

This first-time award for 2018 is open to ALL primary schools nationwide that aren’t already part of Garden to Table. It recognises the passion many Kiwi schools and students have for growing and preparing healthy produce even if they’re not part of the Garden to Table programme. The top prize is a free year’s online membership to the programme so students at the winning school can continue their passion in the garden with greater curriculum support, child-friendly recipes using produce from their garden, kitchen skills instruction videos and support material for gardening through to cooking.


Take a look at our winning gardening super stars from this year’s hotly contested awards!


Garden to Table was launched in 2010 and has 60 schools from up and down New Zealand participating in its food education programme for primary and intermediate aged school children. It aims to instil a love of good, healthy food among children by teaching them where food comes from and how to grow, prepare and cook own-grown produce. The aim of the programme is to change the way children approach and think about food, growing their enthusiasm for fresh, seasonal produce.

We would like to acknowledge the staff and students at Meadowbank School for allowing T&G and Garden to Table to take photos and videos for the T&G Garden to Table Young Gardener of the Year Awards.


T&G (formerly Turners & Growers) is proud to be the official growing partner of Garden to Table and the core supporter of this inaugural T&G Garden to Table Young Gardener Awards. The awards are our part of our commitment to supporting the next generation of Kiwis on their journey to a healthy life through the growing and enjoyment of fresh food.

T&G was born in New Zealand and has been producing fresh fruit and vegetables for over 120 years. We are constantly exploring ways to make food more sustainable, safe, fresh and delicious. T&G is passionate about ensuring Kiwis know where fresh produce comes from and enabling access to quality fruit and vegetables every day.