Al Brown

Al is an acclaimed New Zealand chef and restauranteur. He is the brains and chef behind Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar, Federal Delicatessen and Best Ugly Bagels in Auckland and Wellington. He is the author of four best-selling cook books and has presented four food-focused TV programmes.

In 2016, Al became a proud ambassador of Garden to Table. Not an academic student, Al is a firm believer that results can be achieved by taking children out of the traditional learning programme. He believes Garden to Table helps kids develop a greater understanding of food, nutrition and sustainability and make better decisions when it comes to eating a balanced diet.

Linda Taylor

Linda is the CEO of Garden to Table. Linda is a seasoned gardener, company director, member of several professional groups, Harvard student and mother. She calls Garden to Table her ‘dream job’ and has taken her three children on her gardening journey with her. Gardening is her favourite way to slow down and relax, and she says it is great bonding time for her family, as well as being a way to positively introduce her kids to vegetables.

Dan Mackay

Dan Gratton Mackay is one of New Zealand’s most renowned landscape designers, known for his appearances on our TV screens as a resident landscape and gardening expert, he has helped to inspire viewers at home the nation over with his incredible transformations. Mackay has his own company, Ministry of Ground, and loves to push the boundaries of landscape design with his innovative ideas.

In 2018, Mackay joined Garden to Table as the official gardening ambassador, bringing with him an astounding commitment towards gardening and sustainability. It’s his dedication to this which sets him apart from the rest, he loves to encourage “eating your garden” and adds fruits and vegetables to all of his designs.

Andrew Keaney

Andrew is the executive general manager NZ produce at T&G Global. T&G is proud to be the official growing partner of Garden to Table and the T&G Garden to Table Young Gardener Awards. Andrew is also a passionate supporter of New Zealand growers while his wife assists with cooking lessons at one of Garden to Table schools in Auckland.